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ILG Food Group?

High quality, low prices, high volumes

ILG Food Group - Develops and markets food products of high quality for a sharp calculated price. In the culinary world ILG Food Group supplies mainly to the catering wholesalers throughout Europe. With its contemporary style and approach ILG Food Group is famous and unique in its kind. This makes the value of ILG Food Group for customers clearly visible.

  • High quality
  • Low prices
  • Free delivery

Quality and product innovation

ILG Food Group is the leading company in the field of Mediterranean food and drinks. Due to continuous product innovation, ILG Food Group is able to constantly improve the high quality of its products. In recent years ILG Food Group has increasingly and successful put new products on the market.

The quality of those products is highly appreciated by its customers. This great success can be attributed to the continuous pursuit of innovation and improvement.

Artisanal origin


The origin of the assortment is composed with care. Only the most special ingredients are selected for the artisanal production of an original product. Spanish olives, southern Italian Roma tomatoes, Greek wines, Dutch mayonnaise and more. ILG Food Group selects only the best quality.



ILG Food Group is authentic in its method of production and in its way of doing business. Furthermore, ILG Food Group is authentic in its relation to customers and manufacturers. That provides a reliable value for business partners, and many years of cooperation with due success for all parties involved.

Wide assortment range on stock

ILG Food Group Magazijn

ILG Food Group manages a wide range of spices, pasta, canned goods, dairy products, frozen foods, Italian- and Greek wines, soft drinks and a wide range of non-food including cleaning and packing materials. Due to the large and diverse product range of stock that ILG Food Group has and its reliable supplies, customers do not need to hold large stocks themselves anymore.